Al Jarreau

Susan's Song

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Susan wants to take me
to a party over yonder
Susan wants to take me
to her heart
It's a arm and tender place there,
do you know
Susan, I've been living here
in this fortress
And it's filled with armor
And sometimes celebrations
lose their charm

Susan do you mind,
sometimes I'm restless
Rolling on the floor in pain and woe
After all the precious gifts you
will gladly give to me, girl
I may blindly lock and bolt the door

Baby, sweet baby
I'll truly love you through my years
Well it's just that sometimes
by midnight light
I'm frightened by my fears
But if you could just hold me,
warm me, girl
The way you did today
And tenderly anoint my eyes
Then I may see the way
Susan, baby, take me to that party
'Way over yonder

Tell me, Susan, do you mind
Come on, Susan, take the time
Tell me, Susan, do you mind
If I've been blind a long time?
I been blind a long time

Sometimes, see, if you're
not careful
A little hurt, pain in your heart
Will make you blind
Blind to the real thing, once
it comes along
Honey, can you wait, baby
Can you wait for me, till I
get this thing together?
I been blind, I been blin,
blind a long time
Sweet Susan, take the time, girl

Susan, can you understand
If I say I love you, baby
Tell me, Susan, mama,
do you mind?
Girl, I been blind.