Al Jarreau

Way To Your Heart

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So you say that I have gone too far
That I really don't know who you are
And did you tell me that you've got to cool your feelings?
So did you say I've fallen overboard
Every danger sign I just ignored
That you never meant to put me out to sea

Ask me where I've been
Heaven knows I've sinned
Waiting in the wings and wasting time
I've been watching you
From the secret corners of your mind

Girl, I know the way to your heart
It's in the stars - you're destined to be my baby
Girl, I'll be so good to your heart
You'll wonder why you question to be my baby

I want to labor looking after you
I want to bless you when you say 'k-choo'
I want to touch your face and watch you while you're sleeping
And could you make a little one or two
And could you please make sure they look like you
And they could share in all the secrets we've been keeping

Have I gone too far?
Reaching for a star?
Heaven here on earth is what I crave
I don't know what to say
I get so carried away
To this dream I'll always be a slave

(Chorus 2x)

[Sax solo]


[Scat solo]

So put your fears aside
??? open wide
I'm the one who knew your where and when
I'll be so good to you
I hope you'll ask me to
To take you there and take you back again

(Chorus 2x)