Buju Banton

Hooked On The Love

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She said she get hook on love with crave
Swear to Gargamel she would not misbehave
Why she hook on the love with a crave swear to Gargamel
Hear we

If you don't know the housework you will need to get your
Like caress her body with plenty tenderness
A woman look for man to love them not to box and kick
Precision love tight like a vice grip
Sail away far on a cruise ship
Tell you how your pretty compliment you on your hips
Relax by the pool enjoy skinny dip
Last week was Acaopco next week Memphis
Try your best to fulfill her every wish
Never met a woman with such class like this
Miss woman you a rail and kick

Nature take me and you I am your call
I can't forget I longing to hold you in my arms
Cisarm your body really take charge
Tender caressing hot oil massage
Far in a night gown not to mention in a your (emmm)
Drastic measure girl a you i want
Long time now I am watering your plant
Hear Buju Banton a say what am I saying