Tori Amos

Another Girl's Paradise

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you caught me lingering

in another girl's paradise

the way she paints the world --

i want that in my life emeralds,

you should know,

are renting in her meadow

with a stroke beauty lives

how could i resist you are desire

when it all is said said and done

who can love you and still be standing

there's mary calling up a storm

can i take from you and not keep taking

naked as day Gemma follows him

does it all come down

to the thing one girl fears in the night

is another girl's paradise

through twists and turns

Jasmine foxed me in her grove

arms filled with honey-bells,

st michaels sanford bloods

"you have come to discover what you want"

what i want is not to want what isn't mine

"but i am desire" when it all is said and done.

is another girl

is another girl

is another girl's paradise