1-Speed Bike

Any Movement That Forgets About Class Is A Bowel Movement

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My little pony, I hold you responsible.
I lead a healthy lifestyle,
I eat five square meals a day.
You never locked us up in prison.
My little pony will always run free
We aren't fucking nuclear
But I'm no adam driving round in the metal box from shop to shop,
unless i'm going to rob them
you and me we stand naked giggling
it's nothing sexual
you'll never be able to put enough clothes on us
so don't even try
we'll keep farting till we all die laughing
we'll keep farting a long time
because we just ate sauerkraut and beans and drank a quart of gin
can't beat that smell not with de-o-do-rant
i can smell the guilt in your eyes
but if you wanna hold me responsible then i can take it like the woman i am
i read a book and talked to ghosts they reminded me of our future
we will burn this boring shithole down
turn the earth and plant headplant gardens in the ruins
one day we will all gather drunk in the kitchen
a herd of my little ponies riding
and good french fries frying we can all keep a secret
rock on rebel warriors,droopy butt begone