Etta James

Let's Burn Down The Cornfield

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Let's burn down the cornfield
Let's burn down, baby, the cornfield
And we'll listen, we'll listen to it burn

You hide behind the oak tree
I want you to hide behind that
You know that old oak tree
Stay, stay out of danger
Keep outta sight, babe ?til I return

It's so, it's so good
On a cold, cold night, yeah
To have a fire, a fire burnin'
Burnin' warm, warm an' bright

You hide behind the oak tree
An' I want you to stay out of sight, baby
Get behind that old, the old oak tree
An' stay, stay, get out of danger, Lord ?til I return

Let's burn down the cornfield
Come on, baby, let's set fire, set fire
Set fire to the cornfield
An' we'll make love, we'll make love
While it's burnin', while it's burnin'

Get a warm, get a warm, warm fire goin', baby
An' we'll make love, it'll be so good while it's burnin?
While it's burnin', it'll be so, so good, baby
While it's burnin', burnin'

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