Jerry Lee Lewis

Meat Man

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Oh, they call me the meat man
Ya oughta see me eat, m'am
Hear I'm the meat man, baby
Ya oughta see me eat, m'am

I got jaws like a bear trap
Teeth like a razor
Got a Maytag tongue
With a sensitive taste

A born in Texas
A land of beef
Never cared much for greens
Ya' oughta heard I like meat

I'm the meat man
Woo, oughta see me eat, now
Whoa, I'm the meat man, baby
Ya oughta see me eat, now

I been down to Macon, Georgia
I ate the furs off a Georgia peach
Plucked me a chicken in Memphis
Mama, I still got feathers in my teeth

Ate a pound of pork Huntsville, Alabama
From a fine Alabama hog
I went to Dallas, Texas
Got no love, my baby left me
Fed the bone to a Louisiana dog
Hear me talkin'

A meat man
Woo, meat man!

Yeah, I'm a meat man, baby
Ya oughta see me eat, m'am

'That's right!'

(instrumental & piano)

'Think about it, baby!'

Yea-ea-eah, it don't make me no difference
Just as long as it's good meat!
I ain't got no preference
If it's dog or rat, I eat

It don't a-have to be U.S. Governmental grade
With stamp a-no Grade 'A' seal
As long as it lean, it full-a protein
I'm gonna damn sho' get my fill

Oh well, they call me the
Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat
Meat, meat, meat, meat, man

Meat man! Hoo!

(instrumental, guitar & piano)

Spoken announcer:

'Let's hear it, Jerry Lee lewis!

J.L.L. 'Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!'
Thank you very kindly, ladies and gentlemen.
It's been a great pleasure to be here in Worcester
Massachusetts. You're great folks. We look forward
to coming back real soon I guarantee you.
It's been a treat, really. I'd like to thank all the guys
from the Silver Eagle Radio Show.

(applause to end)


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