Sarah Brightman

Captain Nemo

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Under the surface so crystal clear
Everyone was really tense,
Waiting down there. . .
He had his own world just like I had mine
We'll go seperate ways
'Til the next time. . .
There are no words to say
(There are no words to say)
As my friend swims away
(As my friend swims away)

Refrain :

Captain Nemo said, "okay"
(Five, four, three, two, one)
Then I raised my hand and waved
Captain Nemo went away
(Love me when I'm gone)
Left me all alone, Nemo's going home

And as I watched him, police boats approached
An alien force, haunting us like ghosts. . .
"Wish I could stay here, and play for a while
But I must be on my way," the warmest of smiles
Then he dived (in)to the waves
Among the other wales. . .


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