Lou Bega


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(Car horns)

Hey! Come on drive on stupid!

What you waiting for?

Drive man!

Damn with this! Alot people can't drive!

Drive on stupid!

(Lou phone rings)

Orh... Tsk...


Oh sweetie sorry

I'm just so so STRESSED UP!

Mmm... Twenty minutes maybe thirty

Too many people can't drive in the city.

Alright baby what you gonna tell me?

Any news baby?

Ah huh... ah huh... WHATZ?!

No no I... Wait a minute wait a minute!

I told you, this bloodsuckers are getting nothing!

Zero point zero!

They can't write anything they can't do anything!

Anything yah tell them straigh up over my dead body, they get nothing.

Life for all!

Alright baby, tell them that thank you very much.

I'll do my best I'm on my way...

(A car crashed Lou's car)


FUCK!!!...(Fade off)