Lucie Silvas

Same Side

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It´s sucj a beautiful day to be feeling like this
don´t you think abaut anything that might make you miss
that ray of light something that might bright you down

if i could give you just a blue sky get you out of the dark
cause you been going round in circles and you never stop
to look around you´re losing out on the best part

i find myself turning on the other way
when i don´t understand
i can´t help feeling i´m the one to blame
for all you pain

cause this is our time to fly
and i don´t wanna leave to behind
it should be you and i on the same side

you don´t know what you have til the moment has gone
catch it while you can cause this ride wont last very long
you look so bright you look so bright through my eyes

i want you to know your place is here with me
if that´s whar you wnat....

have i got you too close?
do you really wanna let go
cause i love you more than you´ll ever know
if i hurting you what can i do from noe on...
this is our chance to try
both us under one sky