Margaret Berger

Silver Fairy

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Let me tell you a fairy tale

Don't you lie to me
You're in trouble, you can't find your high
You're so down, baby you can't see
You've got a ticket but you don't cash it in

Hi, my name is Marble

I'm your fairy, your silver fairy
Come to carry all your fears away tonight
Dare me, oh won't you dare me?
I'll make you care free
See the magic in my eyes

Silver fairy flying high
Your one and only siler fairy

Don't you lie to me
You used to smile, but don't remember how
Give me time and I'll make you whole
I'll write my name across your broken soul

I want you to know that I'll never go away
I'll sit in your ear, play music you wanna hear
I think you will shine
I believe that you'll be fine
With me as your guide
Everything's gonna be all right

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