Pointer Sisters

Someday We'll Be Together

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Kept the dream alive
Just why i don't know
You kept me hangin' on
If you really loved me
You'd have let me go
There's no time for regret
'Cause darling i know
Someday we'll be together
Someday, somthing in the future
You will turn around
See it's nowhere to be found
And you'll come running back
To me
Someday we'll be together
Played ypur part so well
You really had me fooled
The big breakdown scene
But think about it now
Oh it wa cruel
And it was mean
Oh but when i think of
When i think of just how it
Could have been
When each love burns out
And it will without a doubt
You'll come running back
Back to me
Yes you will, you'll see

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