Pointer Sisters

Sweet Lover Man

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Ooh my sweet sweet sweet lover man
Move me with the touch of your hand
Now, oh baby, now
Stay here inside of me
Show me what love can be
Please, oh baby, please
Fill me with sweet desire
Fill me with love
If i'm with someone else
I'm still alone
Of anyone i've ever know
It's you, it comes back to you
It comes back so tenderly
Wach time you're here with me
Now, oh baby, more
Moment of ecstasy
Moment of sanity
More, oh baby, more
Fill me with all of you
Fill me with love
And if the pain of living
Grows too much
As long as you and i can touch
It's real, i kow that it's real
I know like i always knew
How good it is with you

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