Rupert Holmes

Second Saxophone

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I play second saxophone
And in my dreams I'm all alone
Without another saxophone beside me

I play second saxophone
Don't get a solo of my own
The Cafe Rouge has never heard me blow
And all I want to know

Is when those chicks who line
Around the stage will end up mine
They fall for guys who improvise on "Stardust"

Lord, they've had the Dorseys up to their necks
I've got the chops of Vito or Tex
I can fake Goodman's break

Beat me, pops, eight to the bar
I'm in the mood to be a star
The cover page of Metronome ain't tried me

Artie Shaw gave me a pass
And Miller's band signed up en masse
To serenade the D-Day raid
If I play one more country club I'll --

Lord, I'd even buy myself a new reed
If they would only let me play lead

I've quit the band, gone on my own
I don't play second saxophone
From 8 to 6 they hear my licks on Broadway

This place must be the worst
But still at least I'm playing first

I don't care where I have to play
I'm going to take my solo
And it's going to be solid Jackson