Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)

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when the shells had ceased their falling
the young muslim and the serb
listened for the old man's music
but now not a note was heard

and fearing what had happened
each did, what should not be dared
and made their way through no man's land
to the old medieval square

they arrived at the same moment
in the cold december air
but neither pulled a weapon
for each knew why they were there

and they walked over to the fountain
and found him layind there in death
there was blood upon his face
the smashed cello on his chest

but then a single drop of liquid
fell from out the cloudless sky
and it fell upon the cheek
of the man who had just died

and the soldier felt a shudder
for the worst had come he feared
when the only sing of pity
was a single gargoyle's tear

he turned to the young woman
and he said let's leave this war
but a soldier and his uniform
was all that she now saw