Sean Paul


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We deport di one dem a couldnt stand up yuh know gwaan


Di gyal dem never feel it yuh undastand dem picture rated a so we seh


Mi go so den


Dem gyal dem faded

It a look like di whole a dem girly outdated

Dem mek yuh leh nuh rate it

Yu a look comfortable but dem like frustrated


Dem nuh have a man

But yuh got di stuff fi shine

Yuh man a gi yuh bun

But yuh nah mek he hang

She seh Sean you are the numba one


(Verse 1)

Well a listen dutty clan between yuh see mi wid anodda chick

Nuh badda check

Becau yuh done know seh yuh buck up inna di love specialist

Seh Sean A Paul and Dutty Cup we ever got on di grip

So di girl dem haffi stick

An Jah know mi nah guh quit

So mi pull out a mi chest and tell a girl nuh badda beck

Cau yuh done know seh di Dutty Clan nuh buck di playa flex

When di honeys dem a bawl fi di es-ee-ex

Toppa di line you a guh rest so baby girl nuh badda stress

Well mi seh


(Verse 2)

Well oonu listen Dutty Clan seh one more time man haffi tell yuh seh yu a di

numba one

An any gyal a weh yuh see mi wid a slam man gallang

Yo di gyal dem look so good a bay temptation

Now di honeys dem a have mi unda observation

Technically dem a tune in pon di Dutty station

When a gyal nuh haffi date wi nuh cooper long

Mek it known up inna England mek it known up inna Japan

When di Dutty dem a come a bare gyal program



(Verse 1)


(Verse 3)

Oonu listen to di whine yo

A yu own the man


Yuh get a outa land


A nuff a dem still run dem competition

Oonu listen Sean A Paul again