Steel Pulse


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If Dem a Tyrant
Kick dem out
Jump and shout
Uprising yes!
Without a doubt watch out
You better watch out you bad rulers

Never let a politician - oh no
Grant you a favour
He's coming with his plots and schemes after you
To control you for I-ver & ever
Chant Nyahbinghi - Congo drums
Woe to downpressors - yes
Stab through the heart of Babylon
Cause I man no jester when I say


You pocketing the government funds
And guilty of deceiving the people
Who worship the ground that you walk on?
How can you be so evil?
And any opposition is thrown into prison
And sentence to an execution
The system is a fraud
In greed there's no reward
Let's eradicate corruption


We put you on trial now
For stealing votes
Your life in our hands now
Held down by your throat
Power to the people say we find you guilty
In the name of democracy we burn the city
No more hypocrisy says we have no mercy
So much oppression and repression leads to poverty


Down trodden masses get up off your asses
And look at all the trouble
This is what the fact is
We paying too much taxes
And we protest cause we know it's a sin

Dem a tyrant
So much violence
Dem a tyrant
Will go down in silence