The Burial Mound Of King Hydnes

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Farthest away in the powerful Norafjordr
From the god "Nor" time
Farthest out in Lomeldi, inner Slind
In the last half of the fourth century there was
Made a tomb for a windir on King Hydnes burial mound.

A coffin long as a man made of stone that never breaks.
In the coffin by his right hand side lay a longsword,
a buckle of bronze held his cape.
By his feet two earthen vessels with supper.

Outside the coffin by the left gable. Wall
two spears lay ready, the head turned westward.
Everything for the journey.

But in the last century fear began,
Ignorant men with lust for land
Cleared 14 centuries with peace of mind
In 300 cords of stone.

Ignorant the were about the fear that the god s rage created
The everlasting fear which still rules
In the far end of Slind even today.

There is a scary mood
A dark full of emotions
Gods who can take from you than you need the
Most - a disposition.

Stil many people has feared to travel between
Soknardalr and Leikvangir after dusk.

The burial mound of King Hydnes