Action Bronson

Bad News

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Ayo L, aye L
Danny get the car
We gotta get the fuck outta here Dan

Murder, death, kill pull a one 87
If you ain't gon' give it motherfucker I'ma take it
Boy I'll turn ya' to a raisin
Just to bring home the bacon
For me to see heaven I would need to meet Satan
So my heart so vacant
My mind's on some 'take shit! Break shit! Spray shit!'
In some raw day shit
Face-lift braces, unsolved cases
Hittin' up the witnesses so can't nobody say shit
I think the reaper callin'
Picked up the phone and said
"I got a couple coming"
'Cause blood in my eye and I'm thirsty for death
(?) walking up heaven's steps
Got a getaway driver, just chillin' in a stolen
Parolee with a 40 that'll take what you owe me
'Cause I'm no (?)
And the last thing yo' ass wanna hear is these words

Guns are in the trunk
Money in the seat
Guns are in the trunk
Think they gonna and get us, never
Uh, the white OJ in the hallway
The long .44 spray
One leg up on the Velour grey
Gettin' straddled while I'm eatin' strudle
We fuck you up so bad that you will never take a normal doo-doo
Or a pee-pee, bedridden
Now I'm laughing while head is given
No fucks are given ever cause I'm rotten to the core
Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya right into the door
Aah, cross the street when you see us by the store
I'm off the leash, dick hanging on the floor
Box cutters rolled up in the waistband of the 09's
You thought you had your little shit
Clickin' now, but no mas
My bitch will choke you out with strong thighs
Strong features in the face from New Guinea
Smokin' dope, doing 360's in a Mini
She half Dominican and Trini
Bad news


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