Blue Highway

England's Motorway

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Come my little son and I will tell you what to do
Undress yourself and get into bed and a tale IÕll tell to you
ItÕs all about your Daddy son, HeÕs a man you seldome see
For heÕs had to roam far away from home
Far away from you and me

Ch) But remember lad, heÕs still your Dad
though heÕs workinÕ far away
in the cold and heat, 40 hours a week
on EnglandÕs motorway

2) Sure weÕd like to have him here--for sure it would be fine
To have him living here at home and be with us all the time
But beggars canÕt be choosers and weÕll have to bear the load
For we need the money your Daddy earns
A-workinÕ on the road


3) When you fall and cut yourself and get up feeling bad
There isnÕt any use to go a-runninÕ to your Dad
For the only time since you were born thatÕs he had to spend with you
He was out on the line a-makinÕ his time
He was workinÕ on a crew


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