Chris Norman

Without Your Love

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I'm not the man you think I am
I'm not the way that I began
Not the same as yesterday
I'm just an ordinary guy
And you oughta know that I
Could give it all away
And it's all because of you
That I say the things I do.
'Cause you know it's not my way
Every night and every day
I think of you in every way
'Cause I need you

For the love that you bring
I'm a beggar not a king
I don't mean anything
Without your love
Wear my heart on my sleeve
And I die each time you leave
I don't want to believe
Lyric without your love

I'm not the man I used to be
Not the stranger that you see
I been waiting for so long
For a lover such as you.
Never thought it could be true
That a love could be so strong
And they say that love is blind
But you're always on my mind
Every moment I'm awake
And the thoughts I have of you
Are so beautiful and new
Oh my darling


Lately I been waking up
And breaking up my heart
Baby I don't wanna live
If we're so far, far apart



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