Hank Snow

The Name of the Game Was Love

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While looking through my jewelry drawer
Beneath some paper, there I saw
An address book I'd kept throughout the years
It listed all the girls on it

Friends, my list sure has grown
Each name brings back the laughter and the tears
There were girls that I'd romance with
Girls that I had dance with

Some whose face that I just can't recall
There were girls I kissed and lied to
Some I couldn't, and though I tried to
The name of the game was love

And I played it with them all
There was Mary, Martha, Diana, Eva, Josie
Hannah, Anna, Sally, Beth and Rosie
Bonnie, Connie, Susan and Cindy

You get Claudette, Emma and a Minsy
Janet, Gina, Ingrid or a Bessie
Florance, Fanny, surely gonna test us
Francie, Nora, Alice, even Dolly

Gertie, Gretchen, Carmelita and Molly
Girls of every nation, each one a new temptation
They were great, I sure had a ball
They are girls that I had courted

Girls whose marriage plans I hoarded
The name of the game was love
And I played it with them all
There was Betty, Ann, Carol and Yuanita

Cora, Dora, Grace and Rosilita
Mory, Margie, Lisa, Katie
Dottie, Lottie, Lynn and a Sadie
Henrietta, Mabel, Jane and a Alice

Daisy, Maizie, Mona and Cecilia
Lois, Liza, Laura and Leona
Vida, Vee, Louisa and Ramona
Penny, Janice, Silvia, Elmira

Etta, Gretta, Louise or Mira
Merle and Perle, and Leorial and Denise
Doris, Picta, Julia and Amy
Frances, Flora, Dontie, even Trudy

Barbara, Ethel, Ellen is a beauty
Katie, Camden and Athenalina
Georgia, Clara, Alba and Ema
Iris, Elise, Dorothy and Hilda

Olga, Donna, Lulu, Bella, Gilda
Eunice, Phoebe, Ida and a Eda
And I loved them all
And I loved them all

Writer/s: CY COBEN

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