Hank Snow

Wanderin' On

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On an ocean of dreams
I have wandered it seems
Just wanderin', wanderin' on,
Since I found the note, sweetheart
That you wrote just sayin'
That you had already gone.

Will the pretty bird sing?
Will the roses in the Spring
Still blossom when they find
That you have gone?
Will the old pals be true
Or will they all leave me too?

Just wanderin', wanderin' on
Will the little brook play
As it winds along its way?
Will the stars keep on shinin'
Tho' you've gone
Will they find their way to you
Will they tell you that I'm blue
Or will they too leave me wanderin' on?

Tho' you've left me and gone
I'll keep wanderin' on
Wanderin' down life's way
And beneath the lovely blue
I may wander back to you
And my dreams will all come true someday.


Writer/s: SNOW, HANK

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