James McMurtry

One More Winter

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You come back now, looking for a clue
Expecting everybody to fall all over you
If you missed it so, this one-light town
Why'd you go and leave with the snow coming down?

I was chasing after what was mine
No explaining, there was no more time
One more winter would've been my last
I could feel it slipping from my grasp

You come back now, and you don't look bad
You must've made the best of the time you had
Since you cut and run, like they said you would
And we got along without you just as best we could

Well I don't expect you'll ever see
But you're not my maker and you don't judge me
One more winter would've been my last
And I don't go dwelling on my past

I could not sit here listening to the wind against these walls
I still hear it whistling in the whispers of them all

And I come back now, but I won't stay long
There hasn't much changed since I been gone
No I won't stay long, you need not fear
I just came back to see if I had ever been here.

I could not be like one of them
Faces shrunken from the bitter wind
Their righteous rage, their jealous fear
One more winter won't find me here


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