Marvin Gaye

We'll Be Satisfied [Alternate Take][#]

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When I can give you the stars in the sky
And all of the things your heart desires
When I can place the world at your feet
And satisfy your every need
And when I can cry and not feel sad
But cry because you made me glad
When I can smile and make you know
Without sayin' a word, I love you so
You'll be forever mine
And I'll be satisfied
Wo baby, oh baby
Oh satisfied, oh

When you can give to me a song
That my heart keeps singin' all day long
When you can set my soul on fire
And make me your one and only desire
And when I can prove to you that I care
That I'm worthy of your love to share
And when I can say to myself
That you love me and nobody else
And everything will be fine
I'll be satisfied
Oh, oh Marvin
Oh oh, oh baby

When I have done my very best
To fill your life with happiness
Our two hearts will beat as one
Your only heart when life is done
And when I can take you in my arms
And kiss your pretty lips from dusk till dawn
Everyone knows that I won't let you go
You'll be mine now and forevermore
I'll be right by your side
I'll be satisfied
Oh, oh darlin'
I got to, got to have you
I want you baby
All of your love now
All of my life, oh
Baby, I wanna know
I I I, got to, got to have you
I I I, got to, got to have you


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