Dilated Peoples

The Reversal

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When they change tones they go off the days on
They go on I'm home
I roam the Venice district by the time I hit
My first chick, I was distant and aside from it
I've had trust problems every month, it is now an issue
My life as a dog is now wag the tail official
Put a stage on the yacht, I'll rock the boat out in Bristol
It's Dilated Peoples like we're made into a missile

(Where they at? Sing along)

That's my word, I met the best of the best
And let me tell you they're herbs, I met the worst of the worst
And those were people to meet, it's like the game's all reversed
So I'm just working on me
I'm miseducated, Lauryn Hill made it possible
Undo anything I've known becomes the obstacle
I'm trying to go blank and throw the old paintings out
Garage sale, Sunday when the rain is out
'Tis the season for no reason, time to let it go
I didn't smoke today cause everybody's on that medical
I'm on a schedule, maybe on a edible
And history is to repeat itself then it ain't set in stone
I never told my mom I would make it big
I just said, "you'll be proud of your kid"
"Fuck the world" is what my statement is
I state my name then I state my biz
And it's on

(Where they at? Sing along)

I captured moments and I never shook the Polaroid
High as fuck, head in the clouds, I'm on that null and void
Control the substance of my language, when I laid it out I said it's dangerous
I said what goes around is coming back around in angles
Lord forgive my sins
From when the first one started till the last one ends
For every time I thought about sales and spins
Worship of a Benz and birds before friends
Was certain when I came until the game and still the same today
About the crowd I keep, sound the beats, about the moves I make
About the rules at stake
Moving with a jewel to take and still rock a gold chain
For Slick Rick the Ruler's sake
At times like these I hold my wallet tight and eye my tress
Never saying that I'm out of my league
I'm staying separate at six degrees and it's on

(Where they at? Sing along)


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