Michael Jackson

Whatever You Want

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[girl] Next
[r.l.] Oh uh, how ya doin'
[girl] Ya name?
[r.l.] Oh, I'm r.l.
You have to excuse me, I'm a little nervous
[girl] What makes you think you deserve a woman like me?
[r.l.] I mean I work hard and i..
[girl] No, what really makes you think you deserve a woman like me?
[r.l.] I gotta be real witchu, baby
I'll do whatever it takes to please you
[girl] Oh...tell me more

[Chorus: x 2]
Whatever you want it's yours
And if I ain't got it, I'll get more
Whether inside or in stores
I want to be what you're looking for

So you say you want a resume, references
Contacts on relationships
How many kids is it
Where do I work, what do I do

What makes me deserve a woman like you
I work hard, play hard
Lace soft but stay hard
I'll sacrifice to please you
Mami, I'm tryin' to see you


Now, I'm a damn good man with some damn good love
Trying to find someone to give it to, yeah
(oh yeah?)
And I'm down to lace it on you

Give me the time and the place
Just show you face
Show me the line in the race
I'll be your ace

I just want to love you
Give me the chance to show you, I want you


So listen here love, you get what you ask for
Material things are smaller'n me 'cause I offer more
And won't why'all fool the teacher when I say this
Willing to do what it takes honey

Just to get in the mix with you
So listen, boo, picture me and you
Candlelight dinner for two, romantic rondevous
You only live once, don't miss a chance of a lifetime

You want the world and I'll give it
Because it's all mine

[Chorus until fade]


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