Icona Pop


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So you wanna party? So you wanna dance?
You better know someone, then find someone of our friends
You wanna get higher? Shake that ass
Spinning round and round, and round and round like that

I put a little twist in my hips (here we go)
Kiss on my lips (here we go)
Ice on my wrist ‘cause I'm hot and I'm dancing (here we go)
Caught that romancin' (here we go)
Cancel your plans and (here we go)
Girls hide your mans, ‘cause I'm hot and I'm dancing (here we go)

This is emergency (wooh ooh ooh)
Call an ambulance, come rescue me (wooh ooh ooh)
Everybody in this bitch (wooh ooh ooh)
If you wanna get up, get down like this