Richard Shindell

Waiting For the Storm

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I'm ready as I'll ever be
I've done all one man can
No one now will rescue me
Here I'll make my stand

The State Police, they came around
They said I should not stay
I thanked them for their kind concerned
And sent them on their way

I've made my preparations
There's nothing left to do
But to sit here in this rocking-chair
Waiting for the storm

The wife and kids have gone up north
They're staying with her mom
And everything I've ever loved
Will soon enough be gone


Lately I've been thinking
This ain't no way to live
Lately I've been thinking
That something has to give

I've opened all the windows wide
I've left the doors ajar
Everthing that was inside
I've put out in the yard


Writer/s: SHINDELL

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