A Storm Of Light


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The cold forced me to grow
into a stellar mass
as these arms broke
my bodies joined as one
a mountain i have become

and you weep sister
waves run down my face
solemn skies call my name
and to the stars you must go
my heart will break the earth
your tears will pierce their depths
my veins will carve valleys
your cold will burn their shells
and someday i'll return home
you know i'll be waiting
you know i'll embrace them
you will hollow their black hearts
i will hollow their scorched earth

i will grow
and scrape across the land

i am rivers
of blue crystal knives
i sink into their body
and grow into their heavens
i am carving into them
i'll scrape their black hearts
and make them hollow inside
i am all and cant be stopped

i am all
and i cannot be stopped

i will grow
until all is mine

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