Of Montreal

Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider

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Saw her at GO kissing girls, what a shock
I said you must be an artist
She muttered her reply
I was judging her friend as the DJ played a dead jam
No one wants to dance, they're outside
Smoking cigarettes
Matthew was there, yes
He gave me the eye, saying: "It doesn't kill to try"
Then blue lights all around
Eva, I'm sorry, but you will never have me
To me you're just some faggy girl
And I need a lover with soul power
And you ain't got no soul power
She lead me outside to the church with the swing
There I was her confessor
Her come on made me blush
Was her crush for the night?
Until I screamed:
"Stop! Hey! You must be aware I'm not alone
I've got a tigress back at home
And besides, you wouldn't know what to do with me"
And under the blue lights you see them gossiping . . .

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