Hank Williams

When the Fire Comes Down

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Way back in the days of mo
Water covered all this land
Then the great rainbow of promise
Started us on life again
And the good book tells of fire that
Will fill the earth some day
And the sinful will be screaming
As this earth shall pass away

When the fire comes down from heaven
This old world will melt away
Millions then will cry for mercy
But it will be to late to pray

Oh this world is at a tremble
And its rocking to and fro
You can read it in the papers
Hear it on the radio
And the movies they are showing
Towns and cities how they blaze
But there's hotter fire a coming
If we follow sins highway


Texas City, Texas City oh how awful
Was her faith
First she burned and then exploded
Now the story will relate
Of the wine crop in Atlanta how she
Burned right to the ground
Or the great fire of Chicago and
The dead lay all around



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