Jason Isbell

In a Razor Town

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In a razor town you take whoever
You think you can keep around
There's an echoed sound
That permeates the sidewalk
Where she shuffles 'round

It's a big machine
It used to be the avenue of changing dreams
And she's a lonely thing, sweeping up the glitter
While she pulls the strings

Take a long last look
Before she turns to stone
And what the last man took
And what was long, long gone

The way it used to be
I wasn't there to see it working properly
And now it seems to me
That both of you are suffering

You know I've heard her say
That you're the only reason she's alive today
And I just turned away
Thinking maybe she was right

So, say your last goodbye
Make it short and sweet
There ain't no way for you to fly
With her hanging on your feet

Let her go out if she wants to
And if she don't, go out yourself
Don't take sorry for an answer
Unless you really want what's left

'Cause in a razor town
The only thing that matters
Tends to bring you down
And there's no way around
But maybe you can barrel through
'Cause a razor ain't no good for you

Writer/s: Jason Isbell