Keith Murray

Newark to C.I.

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before anyone gets upset

we're only sayin funkin'

f you n k i n

ah ha ha ha

ah ha ha ha

ha ha ha ha

that's right boy

George The King Village

watch this seven footer spit rhymes like a loogie

funked up like some doogie warrior just like sazuki

ah Twism man of steel organism

combined with phat rhymes comin' from my wall prism

in my league hoopers don't act their age

you might be another dead boy front page

I make more cash than the president

find a bigger residence

Shaq is the man and that's evident

irrelevant, what them critics say

until they come rhyme, come act, come play

get out me way

or come trip into this rhyme funk

I'm nut-rageous, outrageous, like the Buddha monk

it's about where you're from not where you went

Newark, New Jersey, represent, represent

to the fullest, you messin' round, you's a dead man

prepare for the Redman

[Keith Murray]

oh yo yo yo, hold up

due to certain circumstances, Redman will not be performing tonight

but we got Keith Murray from the Def Squad up in here

so, you know what I'm sayin', check it out

never question who I am, black

I slam jams with Redman, Erick Sermon, and the Shaq

I wreck this with wreckless emotionless

above any beyond the depths of physics

with bio feed back techniques

I speak over the beat

so peep a true thug from the streets

of New York

where you get outlined in chalk

and the herbest person gets foul like pork

you walk and talk into tripizoid

boy I can flipizoid, trapizoid on record

all these MCs out here is a big dissapointment

so I refuse to lose and ooze like ointment

into a deconcentration

I scrape you and your scab-ass crew up like vaxitration

and if you're 6-9, 280, tryin' to get ill

I'll have my man Shaquille O'Neal push your grill

and that's real


some choose to pack a mack, I choose to pack my Shaq

twenty twos

I wonder how you'd act if you was in my shoes

this is how I take the old from the new

all my nines down the line kick and lead it too

rugged never smooth with this move as I flow

on and on this track, my papes stacked in the back

step up to get funk in your face

'88 was Runs house, but '95 is Shaqs place

cracked up like Boogie, from New Jack City

high with the clowns, but down with the nitty gritty

fool, child, with the high profile

style kind of hoop-hoppa-listic wild

come, get some

from the one that freaks the fees, the foes, the fies, the fums

I flip my style like a pancake flipper

dive-dive dipper

let me pull up my zipper

I'm sick and tired of pissin' on this track

Newark represnts lovely

Redman and the Shaq

for the '96, '97

Jersey is representin'

always and fo'ever

fo'ever and always

Prince Street, where ya at

George The King Village, where ya at

Naughtyville, where ya at

can't forget the brothers in Chilltown, J.C.

Oakstreet representin'

ha ha, and I'm out