Phil Perry

Baby I'm for Real

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Baby, baby
You don't understand
How much I love you baby
And how much I wanna be your only man, oh baby

Baby, baby, baby
You don't have to go
Stay a little while longer baby
I wanna talk to you just a little more

I see the little tears in your eyes about to fall
And you are wondering if I'm for real
But if you cry, wonder why you cry
I tell you, no lie this is how I feel
This is how I feel, yeah, baby

Baby I'm for real, I'm for real, yes baby
I'm for real that the beat of my heart,
You should hear me baby

If you wanna know the truth about it
Girl, I just can't live with out you
That's why (That's why) I'm confessing my love to you (you)
So that I can live my whole life with you, baby let me live
My whole life with you, hey baby baby baby baby
Trust me with your heart, oh baby baby
I'm for real oh yes I am, hear me say

I'm for real, yeah, and I'm never ever ever gonna leave you
I'm for real, I'm fr real I'm for real baby
Yeah, something about you baby
Baby I'm for real, cant you feel that baby
Cant you feel that darling
Baby I'm for real, I mean what I say and I say what I mean
Baby baby
I say what I mean and I mean what I say
I'm for real oh yes I am baby
I'm for real baby, yes
Baby baby baby

Don't you know that baby I'm for real
For real for real
Oh baby baby baby baby
I'm for for real
I'm for real
I'm for real
Yes I am
Ill do anything that you want me to do
Baby baby
Baby girl you brighten up my world
Baby baby
I need you hear
Say it say it say it
Oh wee
Oh wee baby
I'm for real
Yes I am for real baby
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I'm for real for real for real

Writer/s: Gaye, Marvin P / Gaye, Anna