Randy Rogers Band

Steal You Away

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I could see you standing with him
He ain't holdin' your hand like he should
He ain't listenin' to a word you say
He doesn't look at you the way I would

I should steal you away

I've been wondering
Are you looking at me
Thinking how it might be, if you were mine

Girl it drives me crazy
He don't know what he's got
I've been fightin' so hard not to cross the line

I should steal you away,
I should steal you away,
In the middle of the night come take your heart,
I should steal you away

I could see us walking out that door
Not looking back as we roll down the road
And I would should you what a man's supposed to be
Take you anywhere you wanna go


I should steal you away

Writer/s: Helbock, Mark / DeKoff, Nicholas Johanness / Middleton, Jeff

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