I Miss 'Em

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Master P(O'Dell):

Ya know what(I miss you)

Its' like, uh? How many times(I really miss my homies)

We must go through this how many records we gotta make like this

(I miss you) but ya know what?

It seem like uh? It's a never ending game

All right P(I miss you) to all the fallen soldiers out there

(I'm prayin for you homies)

And Big Ed, people, Cory Green(I miss you) rest in peace

Big Ed:

I'm fightin tears back, the lord knows it hurts

All my family dressed in black, cause a love one rising to ???

Reminising on good times, some bad times too

But i gotta keep on smiling cause he would want me to

But it's hard to accept this loss

It's drivin me crazy, see my aunty suffer the death of her only male


(Be strong)

I'm at your funeral strapped, ready to kill

I look in the eyes of my new born and they told me to chill

I will always keep you with me

Cory can ya hear me

I feel cheated but to cope I keep, pourin out henney

Your youngest sister took it the hardest

Couldn't let go of your casket

Begging you to come back, times are gettin so drastic

I spoke at your funeral and broke all to peaces

Tears overflow from friends, nephews and nieces

Your girlfriends is pregnant, so you left your mark

And to al our memories I'll keep them close at heart


I miss you

I really miss my homies

I miss you


I remember we used to sit in class

We was either yappin bout rappin or lookin at some ass

Talkin bout one day we was going to make it in this rap game

Like normal teens we was young, black and broke

So all we had was dreams

You got a record deal and that's when everything changed

You started, hanging with the wrong niggas and thangs

I wasn't trippin when you saw me, I still smoke and say wooo

It's funny how you never really get a chance to say good bye

Cause you never know when they gone go

We was suppose to do ???

But I remember your last night

Some nigga told me Mac your boy, daddy all gone and I said ya right

Next day it was official(official), give me some tissue

I'm a G, but still I miss you

May God be with you


I know it's a dream but I wish you could come back to me,homey(my


But your long gone away, so I'm missin you

I miss you

I really miss my homies

I miss you

I miss you

I'm prayin for you homey

I miss you

(I miss you)I miss you

(I miss you)I really miss my homies

(I miss you)I miss you

(I miss you)(ohh ohh)

I miss you(ohh ohh)

I'm prayin for you homies(ohh ohh ohh)

I miss you(ohh ohh)

(Ohh ohh ohh)