Coca Coca

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Like Tommy lee and Pamela, I'm fuckin' on the camera
More stamina than animals, Gucci is no amateur
Child who the damager can damage you and handle ya
Two girls on my bike one on the back one on the handle bars
Ferrari f-130 so I call that bitch tarantula
Got Canada on calendar so shout out to my manager
I walked through in south Africa, I chopped about 4 Acura's
I flip it just like spatulas
So sell me just like traffickers

Polo like a collage boy
No I'm not a college boy
I am a so icy boy, I'm tatted like a biker boy
We're the so icy gang
Tatted like a biker gang
Dreaded up, redded up, wetted up, bedded up
Bet, you don't wanna bet
Pull up in my Chevy vette, naw you ain't ready yet, wetter that yo girl get
Dolce Gabana Dolce shades don't you wanna see da boy, see da boy, see da boy
Come and take a Polaroid, Polaroid, camera flash, camera flash, I see yo ass
Lookin' with yo lookin' ass, so come and take a camera flash
Jewelry game amazin', car game crazy
Gucci mane la flare, won't ya come and see me say cheese

Ridin' wit' my broad
It's a photo shoot
When I hit the mall (mall, mall)
It's a photo shoot
When I'm in the club
It's a photo shoot
Go and get yo camera phone on
It's a photo shoot (yeah)
It's a photo shoot (girl)
It's a photo shoot (girl)
It's a photo shoot (girl)
It's a photo shoot (girl)
When I'm with yo girl every time
It's a photo shoot
Go and get yo camera phone on
It's a photo shoot

Photogenic chain mane photographic memory
I can fuck yo thang but I don't fuck hoes in industry
Gucci mane la flare so icy you remember me
Remember me from TV turning on yo TV
Hip hop police say they lookin' after me
How you lookin' after me you know I had a murder beef
Yeah I got a murder beef I'm just tryna get somethin' to eat
Me and my lil' mane squeeze give a nigga brain freeze
Chain zone frigerdale, watches on the frigery
'Frigerate, 'frigerate, I'm freezin' like a polar bear,
Red carpet shawty and the paparazzi chasing me
How they gone catch me, ridin' in my Lamborghini


Me and boosie, smokin' fruity, it look like a photo shoot
Shout out to my nigga Webbie, my hoes independent too
Me and shawty lo in a dooly smokin' purple dro'
Me and Gotti in a Benz, and yeah you know we get it in
D-block and gorilla zoe in a studio by club enzo'
And zone 6 Moreland avenue, memorial drive
You know fo sho, yea I'm fine I'm clean I'm tight
I kill them girls like killa' mike, killa' mike,
I kill the mic, so shout out to slick killa' mike (killa')
Me and plies, jiggy eyes, back to back in hummers
So we ten tires, double wide, 30 inches on you guys
Ugk my favorite group, for years been rockin' with them guys
8 ball told em, lay it down, and I did about 30 times