Sarah Brightman

Ghost In The Machinery

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In the heat of the moment
In the dark of night
You never see his face
For he's the ghost inside

In the heat of the moment
He will laugh at you
How can you make peace
When he's at war with you?

In the heat of the moment,
You're a perfect guy
Born to make mistakes,
He knows the reason why

He's a shock to the system
He's a wicked clown
Whatever that you do, he turns it
Upside down!

Hu hu hu hu hu hu
Ghost in the Machinery
hu hu hu hu. . .

In the light of a new love
In the dark of night
You can fall asleep and
Dream he's outta' sight

In the eyes of the children
They can read his name
They'll make the same mistakes
And that's the only way

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