Sawyer Brown

The Heartland

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Gettin closer girl, you know we can make it
It's a lonely world, you know we can break it
You're stuck, outta luck, baby do you need a buck? It ain't right
Gotta doubt? Let it out, even in the final bout we can fight. Lean on me tonight

We can take it to the heartland,
Where it's down to me and you
We can, we can take it to the heartland.
We can take it to, we can take it to-ooh-ooh, to the heartland

Every move we make is one step closer
Look at whats at stake, baby here's my shoulder
You're through, turnin' blue, thinkin' 'bout me and you, we can't lose
Gotta play, never say "Gonna wait another day", you can't chose this feelin' we're overdue

[Chorus x2]

To the heartland
To the heartland
To the heartland
We can take it to the heartland
Whoa to the heartland
To the heartland


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