Of Montreal

Sing You a Love You Song

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Before the laughter and the cheer
Dissolves into his memory
Taste of vodka on his lips
And thoughts of murder and doom

As her eyes appeared to bloom
He wanted to touch them
But was afraid she might be taken aback
Then what would he say?

They walked to the garden in the park
When it was empty after dark
Then spread out a blanket
And laid down and a voice said

"No one else could hear?
He whispered in here ear
"Although, I can't sing it now, be still
'Cause some day, baby
I will sing you a love you song?

She rolled over and a kiss
Laid softly on his chin and said
"You know maybe there's a chance
That your feelings you've mistook?

?Or have presently overlooked
You say you don't love me
But yet perhaps you just forget
That you do?

He said that
"I love you, please, believe
The only matter of concern
Is that your love will one day fade
If that should happen, I would die?

And that's the reason why
I know I can't sing it now but be still
'Cause some day, baby
I will sing you a love you song

She said, How could you question
When the root of my affection
Is so plain and obvious??

It grew from the overwhelming pleasure
Of just being near you
And now bring in doubts
And they are smothering our love?


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