The Hustle

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My eyes watch God from a place
Where times is hard, hard times we embrace
Everybody want a yard, cuz a yard means space
Being broke is odd and leaves an odd taste
In the mouth of the metropolitan
The hustle is hollarin'
Beautiful minds grind, grind for the dollarin'
Whether dice scholarin' or white collarin'
We all taught hustle to prophet like Solomon
The young play corners, Sean Jean modelin'
They get it from they momma, black music is fatherin'
Blue and whites flash lights like parliment
In court non-whites, wishin' they had Cocharan
Tell your guy and them, yo the blocks hot again
Aunties walking to liquor stores in moccasains
My guy got a gig, on the side he barberin'
Married a foreign chick so she could get a green card up in the hustle

[Chorus: Common (Omar)]
Just put it in your back and hustle
The paper's stacked so hustle
(Gon'! Gon' get it and get me that
Gon'! Gon' get it and get me that
Just move, and shake, and grind and hustle
It's on your mind so hustle
(Gon'! Gon' get it and get me that)
Gon'! Gon' get it and get me that

[Dart Chillz]
First to the third, I'm close to the curb
Toast to the bird, now I'm posted to serve
Heard is a verb when you pour dirt on the floor
Bill collectors and the roaches working your nerves
It's a ghetto truck for a ghetto boy
To get in them ghetto streets and get him a ghetto toys
So he can come so just work murder rate is increasin'
I don't give a fuck long as my coke is decent
And my rims blind the whole damn precinct
Every time you see a head in my lap you know she sinked
I know I'm dead in this trap, that's not how we think
Fifty shells all around on the ground, can't catch a weak blink
Five went through me, two stayed in me to do my duty
Only thing that subdued me
Two weeks, same corner, new freaks
New geese, all white AND 1's new sneaks


[DJ Joe Sinista scratches bridge]
"Can't knock the hustle!" "The Hustle!" "I'm in"
"I'm in" "I'm in too deep" "deep to sleep!" "Can't knock the hustle!"
"The hustle!" "Caught up in the hustle!" "I'm gettin' high"
"Can't knock the hustle!" "The Hustle!" "I'm in"
"I'm in" "I'm in too deep" "deep to sleep!" "Can't knock the hustle!"
"The hustle!" "Gotta hustle up!" "I got to have it, have it...have it"

Some rhyme, some throw shows, some sow clothes
Some hobo at the junction inbetween cars
Some enter in functions inbetween stars
Some teach, some preach saying they seen God
Some put they money up, against me odds
Flippin' real estate yo, stocks and bonds
Dreams of rollin El Derado's bumpin' El DeBarge
Whatever the dreams, stay on ya deem the world is ours, its the hustle

[Chorus: x2]

[DJ Joe Sinista]
"Gotta hustle up!" "Stay hustlin'!"
"Gotta hustle up!" "Stay hustlin'!"
"Gotta hustle up!" "Stay hustlin'!"
"Gotta hus-" "hustle up!"
"Stay hustlin' hustlin' hustlin'!"