Katherine Jenkins


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Katherine Jenkins (with Alfie Boe)

I had this perfect dream
Un sueño me envolvió (A dream wrapped up in me)
This dream was me and you
Tal vez estás aquí (Perhaps you are here)
I want all the world to see
Un instinto me guiaba (An instinct guided me)
A miracle sensation
My guide and inspiration
Now my dream is slowly coming true

The wind is a gentle breeze
Él me habló de ti (It told me about you)
The bells are ringing out
El canto vuela (The song flies)
They're calling us together
Guiding us forever
Wish my dream would never go away

It was the first time that we met
How can I forget
The moment that you stepped in the room
You took my breath away

La música vibró (The music trembled)
Y ella nos unió (And brought us together)
And if God's willing
We will meet again

Let the songs begin
Déjalo nacer (Let it be born)
Let the music play
Make the voices sing
Nace un gran amor (A great love is born)
Start the celebration
Ven a mí (Come to me)
And cry!
Grita! (Shout!)
Come alive!
Vive! (Live!)
And shake the foundations from the skies
Shaking all our lives

Such a beautiful horizon
Like a jewel in the sun
Por ti seré gaviota de tu bella mar (I'll be your seagull in your beautiful sea)
Suenan las campamas (The bells ring)
Abre tus puertas al mundo (Fling open the doors to the world)
If God is willing
If God is willing
If God is willing
Friends until the end

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