Lucky Soul

Could Be I Don't Belong Anywhere

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To pause is to falter, to waiver's to fail.
Adrift on the water with no wind in my sails.
But I harbour desires to stay, so when rescue approaches I wave them away.
Could be that I just don't belong.
Without you I'd perish, alone I can't win.
Without you I would probably do myself in.
But I hold on through thick and through thin, but no matter how much force I still don't fit in.
Could be that I just don't belong, could be that I just don't belong.
Anyone who ever loved me could tell you that it's like falling for a child.
Well, lo and behold, ha ha!
God loves a trier but it's tiring aspiring for love.
It's enough, it's enough to cling to the things that to lose would be a sin and without you I'm nothing, I am nothing and it's clear to see that I just don't belong anywhere but here.

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