Marika Hackman

Good Intentions

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Don't like my mouth
There's just a hole where it used to be
Can't even smile, not even if I'm happy
Don't feel obliged to love on my behalf

Can't eat it all, I've got a lot on my plate right now
Don't fill me up, I really like my outline

And then you go ahead and ring me up
Asking about, my day, my mom, my dad
My hair, my mouth, okay

I don't want your good intentions
I'm not your man, and I can
Sense your bullshit from my bedroom
It's driving me mad, and upset

But up on my throne I killed my sister
I'm so alone: I really, really miss her
And all those times she watched me bleeding out
Strapped on a tourniquet, a smile
And told me I would be okay

I just need your good vibrations
I've gotten so ill, and I'm still
Rigor mortis, set the motion
Bring me to life, I'm so tight