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I love you more than life itself, want you to know
It tears me up to make you sad
What the hell was I thinking 'bout, what I did to you
I wish I could take it back, you know

All of the years of broken promises
I knew I couldn't keep
I need your forgiveness please

Please baby

I didn't mean to tell lies, didn't mean to
Make you cry, baby girl Ipologize
Please don't even say goodbye, no one can
Explain why, baby girl Ipologize

(Ooooh, ooooh)
Baby girl Ipologize
(Ooooh, ooooh)
Baby girl Ipologize

I put your hand on my heart
How it's killing me inside
'Cause to be without your love baby, (oooh weee)
Is like a love suicide 'cause I know

I ruined my life girl when I pushed you away
I'm nothing without you so plase won't you stay
I used to hide behind a disguise
But now i see through different eyes

(Guitar solo)
(I'm so sorry baby)

I admit, I was wrong
On my knees is where I'll be 'till you come back to me
How could I, [?] a heart?
Of the one I love?

(Ooooh, huh, listen)

[Hook: Dru Hill]