Love Spell

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(Aah, it's like a breath of fresh air)

Waking up in the morning, feeling your touch is like
Folgers in my cup, the best part of my day, girl your
Love has got me so high, feel like I can do anything, just
Prove to you my love, this ain't no ordinary love I swear

Things, ain't, been the same since the
Night at the crib, no
Now I, ain't, never felt this way in my
Life now girl, ooooh help me out tell what I'm feeling girl

Cause every time you leave I get weak
When you touch me I get weak
They say I'm crazy but no
This can only mean one thing oh girl
I'm caught up in your love spell, yeah I'm

I'm caught up in your love spell
Turned the tables on me looking now
We're cooking up in the kitchen
In the [?] bought it just for you
I'm caught up in your rapture now
Oh don't let me out

(Love spell)

Said I never, wanna get out girl I'd
Die if i did, other chicks don't mean shit
Your lips my medicine baby girl I'm getting sick now you've been
Gone for too long, got me singing the same song

I'm caught up in your love spell, yeah

Love spell and I hope that this feeling lasts forever
Did we [?] and I need your love now
(Oooh them girls) they try to take your place
But you can't be replaced, no

Girl this sentence is killing me
Chop it up every other night, but it ain't the same if I'm not up
In your face, but there ain't nothing I can do about it
You're leaving if I want to [?] I can't

I hope girl
I'm caught up in your love spell, yeah

I'm caught up in your love spell, yeah

(Love spell, love spell)