A Forest Of Stars

Delay's Progression

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We watched rain hammer the good weather
And waited for the end to start
Sparks flew from chains dragged in servitude
Watching colours fail
And brightness turn to programmed dusk
While tears burnt tracks in cold stone
All future to disappear beneath layers of sorrow
Stone-clad solitude, rain lashed epitaph
All earthly shells divide, divide by zero
We ignored the men stamping out the future
And smiled at the cathode rays
Drizzle crawled over cracked portals to nowhere
Afraid to face the grey infiltrating our bored darkness
While rainbows feigned ignorance
All past lost in a deluge of tedium
Media driven prison, scavenger crawl
All flesh corrupt, rot to multiply

Colour washes out given time
Time awaited ticks away
Your lives lived in stolen fictions
Words of men your protocol
We shall re-tune your noise
Into a steady blast
Beating out an old tattoo
Upon Eternity's Anvil

All Father, hold fast for me!
Delaying the inevitable as seasons become as one
All encompassing winter of servitude
All is as nothing, all has nothing to become
She cried, she cried, as all summer fell
Took the Final by the scruff of its dirty neck
And flung it far into forever!

Waiting for delay to progress lost its appeal
Shifting our weight against this seasonless somewhere
Embroiled in a twisting universe simulated and unreal
The final curtain fell, and fell, and fell
Leaving cleansing, crushing darkness to fend for herself
Leached of colour, evolution gone full circle from tail, to head, to putrefaction

Starting to end all over again
The stars cry for no-one
As shades of grey become colour
We bow our heads for the passing of summer
Into darkness now, to await Sol's triumphant return

Firebrands rise!
Backlit bloodlines obscure and clot!