KooKooKa Fuk-U

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I don't understand what the fuck you want
You treated us like shit and now you act like nothing's wrong
You say we should come by we should be over it
But the word around town is that you're same old tricks
You still treat your friends like they were your yes-men
How you love to keep them guessing
Now they know they'll always come second
To your egos and whims
I used to to be one of them, well, never again
The only thing you ever taught me is how not to be
Because every time I feel my ego slipping out of control
I remind myself of how you got to where you are now
I can't help someone who won't help themselves
But you always put your problems on everyone else
You act like you're the only person in this world who ever felt
And you want to drag us all into your own private hell
I can't help it if I hate you it's not for me to decide
Because hate's as real as love, and neither can be denied
If you're looking for a friend you should try being one first
People don't always get quite what they deserve
But sometimes I swear you can see it coming
Karma comes around in some ways it's almost funny
When you going to learn what we already told you?
We're all getting older but some of us get wiser
So don't be surprised when you get what we expect
We told you so
If you're looking for a friend you should try being one first
If you're looking for a friend you can kiss my ass
If you're looking for a friend you can go fuck yourself
In love with your own bullshit
The original narcissist
In love with our own image of the tortured artist
Why not take it the farthest by suicide, give it all you got?
Give it a shot

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