Sick Ass Moon

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There I was, nearly November
Moon shone bright, barely a sliver
While across my mind
Ran all the things that i never
Now i like to think that I'm nobody's prisoner
I wasn't sure, but I sure was a listener
When i thought i heard, i thought i heard the moon whisper

Ooh, U will Be, Ooh, U will Be, Ooh U will be mine

Now I don't trouble my mind
I don't trouble my mind with signs in the sky
But that don't mean sometimes i don't wonder why
While across my mind, ran memories faded
I heard a voice, I couldn't place it
Whispering words so blatant

Ooh, U will be, Ooh, U will be, Ooh U will be mine
And i answered
Maybe one day, Maybe one day, Maybe one day but not this time ×2
All night till the break of dawn
Goddammit I'ma sing my song

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